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What are your private pay rates?

$200 per day. If paying privately you will still be responsible for any co-pays on medications, hospital stays, and doctor visits.

Is cable paid for?

YES. Please bring a television from home.

Are diapers, pull ups, wipes, hygiene supplies covered?


Can I decorate the room?

YES. You can bring a comforter from home and pictures to decorate the room. Furniture from home can only be brought if it can fit on the resident’s side and does not cause any type of falling or fire hazard.

Can I have a private room?

YES. This is an out of pocket expense. Insurance does NOT cover the private room fee of $800 a month. 

Can a couple room together?


Do we provide meals and snacks?

YES, including special diets (Diabetic, Renal, & Cardiac)

What types of insurance do you accept?

Medicare and Medicaid. Outside insurances such as Humana & United Health Care do not always cover Nursing Home Room and Board costs or Skilled Therapy. These insurances will have to be checked for coverage. 

Will I owe my check to the nursing home?

YES if Medicaid is paying for Room and Board. All income is due to the nursing home at the first of the month (except SSI) and they will get to keep $38 a month. 

What are the qualifications for Medicaid?

Here are some quick questions to ask: Do you have less than $2000 in the bank? Do you have any rental property? Have you sold or transferred property or funds in the last five years? 

Medicaid Helpline #: 1-800-230-0690 can assist with any Medicaid questions you cannot answer