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Grandmother and GrandchildNew residents are encouraged to maintain the same level of independence they did at home. With the right tools in place, the adjustment to the nursing home can be fun. You know your loved one better than anyone else. The items you choose will help staff members work with the resident better and will help the resident feel more at home. Here are some suggestions:

  • Arrange for telephone services to be
    transferred before the move.
  • Arrange to bring a familiar piece of furniture to the facility.
  • Before the new resident arrives, come in to set up his or her room with familiar items.
  • Bring pictures, plants, blankets, sheets (all beds are twin size), telephone, television, rocker, radio – those things that make your loved one happy.
  • Bring clothing to the Housekeeping office on admission to have clothing properly marked. Write the resident’s full name on all non-clothing items brought to the facility in a permanent marker (this will help reduce missing or misplaced items).
  • Make a list of all items brought to the facility. This will be placed in your loved one’s records.
  • Bring seasonal clothing, but allow for Louisiana’s sudden weather changes.
  • Plan to visit your loved one often and continue to make plans to participate in family activities outside the facility. Keep in mind that Medicaid only allows 14 personal days (24-hour periods) outside the facility.
  • Remember to change addresses on Voter Registration cards and subscriptions. Change of Address forms are available in the Social Service office.
  • Don’t forget to notify other friends and family members of your loved one’s new address so that they can send cards and letters.